3 Of The Trendiest Eco-Friendly Products On The Market

It’s no secret that eco-friendly products aren’t just good for the planet, they’re downright fashionable! The hippest among us seem to be constantly toting reusable products, fair-trade goods, organic foods and recycled fashions. Fashion trends that are also good for the planet? We have no complaints! Here are a few of the trendiest eco-friendly products and tips for how you can rock them:

Second-hand shop finds

Thrift shops are so popular, they have been immortalised in the world of pop music (we’re talking about Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”). Thrifting has the added benefit of being significantly more affordable than shopping for mainstream clothes. It doesn’t hurt that vintage and retro fashions are totally in vogue, either.

Thrifting tip: Don’t hurry through a jaunt to the thrift store. Set aside a few hours – it can take a while to find the gems.

Reusable bags

Nothing says ‘cool’ like taking home a big stack of fresh produce from the farmers market in a reusable bag. Plastic grocery bags wreak havoc on the planet’s ecosystems, from our local cities to the expansive oceans. Plus, it is of the easiest trendiest eco-friendly products to get in on.

Reusable bag tip: Consider investing in a green bag you can wear on your back. You may also need a few hand-held bags for major shopping trips, but a backpack can free up your hands and allow you to carry more items.


Sure, it may feel a bit hipster, but relying on a bike, rather than a car, for transportation is healthy, fashionable, good for the planet, and just plain fun. There are almost no downsides to this popular trend. In fact, people are loving urban biking so much that bikeshare programs have taken the world by storm in cities like Paris, Montreal, New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires.

Biking tip: It’s never cool to be careless about safety. Wear a helmet!