3 Reasons Why The World Needs To Cut Down On Single-Use Plastic

As a modern business, it’s essential you keep up with the trends and movements that are important to consumers. Now, after so many years of a throwaway, disposable culture being the norm, buyers are starting to embrace the shift towards sustainability. Take an easy step to make a difference and cut down on single-use plastic.

Ensure you’re not left behind by refusing to change with the times and challenge the notion that items are things to be used and disposed of at whim. One way you can do this is by using eco friendly promotional products, such as reusable bags or sandwich wraps. These are items that eliminate the need for their single-use alternatives, and help to make choosing products that can be used time and time again the norm.

If you need any more convincing, here are three more reasons why society needs to cut down on its reliance on single-use plastic items.

Creating single-use plastic items uses up significant resources

Have you ever thought about all the precious resources and energy that goes into each individual plastic bag? Plastics are made from non-renewable resources such as crude oil, gas and coal, according to the environmental organisation Clean Up Australia, which also states that enough petroleum to power a car for 1km goes into the production of just under 9 plastic bags.

Then, take into account the energy that goes into transporting the plastic item from its factory to where it’s distributed – it likely travels some distance before it’s given to you at the supermarket.

That’s a lot of energy and resources going into an item that tends to be discarded immediately after use.

Plastic takes a long time to break down

Single-use plastic, whether from lunch wrap or bags, takes anywhere from 20 to 1,000 years to break down. That’s a lot of years spent wrecking havoc on the environment, where not only can it look unsightly, but can also harm or maim animals.

Thousands of birds and sea-dwellers are killed by rogue plastic items each year, with bags floating along waterways, finding their way into oceans and other parts of the environment where animals might mistake them for food. Because they’re light and the wind catches them easily, they can be transported far and wide.

For this reason, it’s essential the amount of plastic bags in circulation is reduced and cut down on single-use plastic waste.

Despite progress, Australia still uses a lot of plastic bags and other items

Billions of single-use plastic bags are used annually in Australia, and even more around the world. Most of these come from supermarkets, followed by fast food and takeaway outlets and other shops such as clothing stores.

While some of these bags are recycled, more items end up being sent to landfill, with millions also ending up polluting the land and water.

Some states have placed restrictions on the provision of plastic bags, which is one way in which their prevalence can be reduced. Other outlets now charge a small fee for the use of one of these items.

However, there’s no doubt that single-use plastic bags are still ubiquitous in society. That’s why you can make a difference by providing individuals with the means to opt out of using these products with a stylish and practical alternative, such as an eco friendly and reusable bag. Making a change requires leadership, perseverance and a committed and passionate attitude towards the problem, all of which are qualities that impress consumers.

There are so many reasons why reducing the amount of single-use plastic bags in circulation is a good idea, so now all it takes is more individuals, businesses and groups to act on it to make sure the idea doesn’t get lost or forgotten. You can start having a positive impact today, simply cut down on single-use plastic.