3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Sustainable Corporate Gifts

An increasing number of companies around the world are realising the importance of environmentally friendly promotional products to business practice, including how best to operate a company in a sustainable way. This should extend to all areas of policy and practice to ensure a green ethos across an organisation. One particular area that should be of interest to executives is sustainable corporate gifts.

According to Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies 2014 report, the Westpac banking group topped the charts for the most sustainable company on the planet. Hopefully this positive news will inspire more Australian – and international – companies to act with sustainability as a No. 1 priority too.

There are many reasons why your company should give sustainable corporate gifts, including:


Even though some business leaders may be hesitant about any initial increases in price to produce with sustainability in mind, the longer term effects definitely outweigh any preliminary concerns. The costs per item decrease as the amount ordered rises, meaning the more wholesale eco-friendly bags you order, the more affordable they’ll be.

Plus, with an increasing international awareness on incorporating green living across infrastructure, many governments are now offering tax breaks and other financial incentives for companies that adopt sustainable measures.


When using eco-friendly gifts, it’s highly unlikely that your competitors will be producing exactly the same content. This allows for your company to really make a mark in your area of operation, and for clients and customers to be able to immediately associate your brand with a specific product. This is great for potential business growth, as well as an effective way to show your company’s USP.

This was highlighted in a recent Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study, which revealed that businesses can prosper by “avoiding imitation” to “discover unique market positions”, showing the international need for unique business concepts, such as sustainable gifts.


Another benefit of the often personalised nature of sustainable products is the way they allow for gift-giving to be focused on your clients’ and customers’ needs and interests. As these are often niche gifts, they really allow companies to send a strong message of understanding and connection with their patrons, while reinforcing solid brand identity.

This improves relations as well as making your company more memorable, as opposed to receiving another generic present. This is especially likely if the gift you give is practical and sustainable too.