4 Cute And Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get a little creative with sustainable Mother’s Day gifts that shows your Mum just how much you really appreciate her.

However, giving a gift just for the sake of it is a sure way to create unnecessary waste and further impact our gorgeous environment. Instead of hastily grabbing a mass-produced gift when you’re stuck for ideas, why not use these cute and eco friendly sustainable Mother’s Day gifts as the perfect present?


A fresh bunch of flowers is a classic and always appreciated token for a loved one in your life. We know most Mums will love a fragrant bunch of flowers – but why give a bouquet when you could give a plant that keeps on growing for years? Go that extra step and buy a gorgeous plant or tree your Mum can plant in her garden for more sustainable Mother’s Day gifts. This way, it will continue flowering for years to come, instead of lasting barely more than a few days! On top of this, trees and plants are able to store carbon dioxide and prevent it from polluting the atmosphere – it’s an eco friendly double whammy!


This is a great gift if you want something thoughtful, but you’re a little short on cash. Bake your mum’s favourite treats – think banana cake, chocolate chip cupcakes or caramel slice – and deliver in a reusable bag with a cute ribbon to decorate. Enjoy over a cup of hot coffee in your reusable coffee cup and a much-needed catch up with your Mum.

An experience

If you want to give something memorable that has minimal impact on the environment compared to plastic waste or electronics, an experience could be perfect. How about a cooking class, massage, horse trek or dinner voucher to a fancy restaurant?


This is a great option for younger kids. Get them inspired with ideas such as homemade artwork, flower pots made from old containers, or cute tea lights made from old mason jars, then let them get creative!