Product Reviews

I’ve loved these backpacks since I first saw one & bought it when on holiday in Queensland. I find them so attractive, the lightest bag for travel, easy for shopping when I walk to shops. I forget I’m carrying weight. And they fold into such small space! Brilliant! And to crown it all they are made from recycled "stuff”!

Ruth H

"So attractive and lightweight"

Everything from the size, handle and straw have been just what I’m looking for!! A large drink bottle that can fit comfortably in my hands too (always a big bonus). My new favourite.

Ally K

"Better than imagined!"

I was so relieved to finally find some compostable dog poo bags!! We have two poopers so go thru quite a few & I only recently found out that biodegradable bags don’t actually ever break down completely! So these bags have completely saved the day as far as I am concerned


"These bags saved the day"

I have a few large and a few small ones. I love that you can take a bunch of them to the bulk food store really easily instead of carrying a heap of jars and you can just top up your jars at home a little or a lot. Love that they’re made from recycled plastic.

The Inspired Eco Warrior

"I love my onya bulk food bags!"

They keep my home-made bread tasting great and ensure any bread that is frozen, which is rare, is fresh and moist once defrosted.


"These bags are a wonderful innovation."

A small refill shop recently opened up here, with another opening soon, so they have been so helpful. I’ve used them many times – easy to use and clean, light and compact, and the window lets me know what’s in there. Having the tare weight printed on the bag is useful for the cashier too. Highly recommend!

Alex C

"Not sure what I would do without these!"

These bags are excellent. They are strong, large, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag, they just keep filling and compact when not in use. Great gift idea also.

Leanne C

"Love these bags!"

great cup. Good size, easy clean, keeps your drink warm without burning your hands. Love not having to use throw away cups.

Lynley K

"Cuppa cuteness"

The team at Onya gave me the opportunity to customise my beloved's bag with his 'Sandman' pocket. This new bag is now being used and bragged about to his mates 😆🤣

Louise Lou Grant

Replacing an old Fave

I've had a set of produce bags for some time and they are great! Just bought another set for my daughter as she is moving out of home! Easy to use and store, also easy to wash when they get a bit grubby! And fewer single-use plastic bags going to landfill. Highly recommend!


They're great!

Why use recycled drink bottles?

At Onya we’re all for lowering our carbon emissions wherever we can! Using recycled plastic drink bottles is a great way to use an already existing resource that would otherwise go to landfill or end up in our environment. Recycled plastic drink bottle fabrics, known as rPET have one of lowest fabric carbon emissions around and we are proud to be using it in our products.