Promotional Products Case Studies

Onya Case Studies

If you’re wondering about how Onya promotional products can help your company or place of work, we’ve got some real stories that can illustrate this.

Case Study: WA Waste Authority

Western Australia’s Waste Authority, a statutory body that encourages waste avoidance and the recovery of materials that can be recycled, is one organisation that has used Onya products.

In particular, it has utilised Onya’s reusable produce bags and sandwich wraps, as well as backpacks and drink bottles.

Marie Louise Hunt, who works for the Waste Authority, spoke to us about how her organisation has used these items as promotional products that get the company’s message out there while also helping the environment.

Onya’s promotional items have been given to finalists attending the West Authority’s annual Infinity Awards, to visitors to the display at the annual WA Waste and Recycle Conference and the Royal Show. Other partner organisations or sponsored events also regularly make use of the products. In addition to this, reusable sandwich wraps are scheduled to be given out as gifts and prizes in schools. To ensure the products are used correctly and effectively, every recipient is given instructions.

“We were looking for a corporate gift that would not only be valued by recipients but which would also help to achieve our waste reduction targets,” Ms Hunt began.

“In choosing the Onya produce bags, backpacks and sandwich wraps our gift recipients are not only thinking more about not using plastic bags, they are also reducing waste and role modelling to others in the community.”

She added that the gifts have been very received and are often seen out and about, with people who see them commenting on what a great idea they are.

There are so many reasons why it’s important to cut down on how much single-use plastic we consume as a society. The billions of throwaway plastic shopping bags that are used throughout Australia each year have many adverse environmental impacts. Creating each item uses petroleum that generates greenhouse gases, and when the object is inevitably thrown away, it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in landfill.

The negative environmental impact of this is immense, especially considering it’s entirely unnecessary. With products such as Onya reusable bags, there’s no reason to rely on single-use items. Stylish, eco friendly, reliable and reusable alternatives are out there, so getting more people using them is an important challenge.

It’s not difficult for your company to order reusable promotional items like this. When it came to the process of ordering the products and choosing branded colours and designs, Ms Hunt says it was easy. Their badge and logo with the message “WA: Too good to waste” was woven onto the design to great effect.

“The products are great and help us to encourage attitude and behaviour change around avoiding the use of plastic bags, plastic drinks containers and other single-use products such as plastic wrap,” Ms Hunt summed up.

Like the Waste Authority, you can be a part of helping to clean up Australia’s environment with products like these, too.

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