Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts that are Sustainable

If you’re a company looking for promotional products, Onya environmentally friendly promotional products such as reusable bags, backpacks and sandwich wraps are something you should consider.

These environmentally friendly and sustainable promotional products will not only get your company’s name out there and in the public domain, but will also align your brand’s image with the environmentally conscious movement, so you can reap double the benefits.

These days, an increasing number of consumers are looking for companies that care about reducing their environmental impact, which is where such sustainable products come in. Reusable promotional bags and sandwich wraps, for example, can help people reduce or eliminate the amount of single-use plastic they are utilising in their every day life. From disposable bags to plastic wrap and bottles, there are so many of these throwaway products taking up valuable resources in the process of their production, and then littering the environment or filling up landfills as they are inevitably tossed away.

Conference Bags

By using environmentally friendly products such as conference bags to promote your brand, you’re not only exposing your company’s name to a wide range of people who will use and see the product, you’re also crafting a thoughtful, environmentally conscious image, something that’s becoming more and more important.

So how do Onya products promote your brand? Sustainable corporate gifts like reusable bags, for example, have a high quality logo of your choice woven onto the item. This is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring your brand name is visible in high-quality time and time again. Your company will also get to choose the product’s colour, keeping it in harmony with your brand’s palate. As these bags are durable and robust, can be washed and used repeatedly, you don’t have to worry about your message getting lost after one or two uses.

What’s more, the promotional bags and other items are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as rPet. This is garnered from recycled plastic bottles, making it an even more sustainable choice, as it’s making use of something that would have otherwise gone to waste. This saves on a whole host of resources, and means there’s less plastic in circulation polluting the Earth. After all, plastic can take tens, hundreds and even up to 1,000 years to break down in the natural environment, so producing and throwing away more of it is not something society can afford to do.

It’s these kinds of innovative ways of using and creating products that would otherwise be left to rot in landfill that can help us create a more sustainable world that doesn’t rely so much on churning through precious resources.

Reusable Shopping Bags and Sandwich Wraps

Products such as reusable bags and sandwich wraps are also a wise option for companies and businesses because they’re actually products people will use, and they’re not confined to just one space, such as the office. For instance, businesses often give away items such as mouse pads or mugs, and these are either underutilised or kept away in one place, without reaching the public.

However, reusable bags are seen out on the streets and in shops, while reusable sandwich wraps are seen anywhere somebody brings a packed lunch along, from the schoolyard to the office or on picnics out and about. That means you get maximum brand expose from your eco friendly promotional products and corporate gifts.

There are so many reasons to start aligning your business with eco friendly promotional products. From the benefits of having your company aligned with the sustainable movement, to the practical advantages of these reusable products, it just makes sense to choose sustainable corporate gifts.

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