Australia’s Favourite Hot Beverages Revealed

We each have our own hot beverages flavour preference when it comes to a morning beverage, and Australia’s most-loved coffee variations have been revealed with a nationwide survey by Australian franchise, Muffin Break.

According to Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand, Muffin Break conducted a “Coffee Sensus” over four weeks in February and March 2014 as part of their “Win Your Daily Cup” competition.

Over 32,000 respondents voted for their favourite cuppa during the month-long Facebook poll, based on criteria such as strength, milk, size and style of coffee.

Watching the waistline appears to be a trend with Aussie coffee-lovers, with skim cappuccino reigning supreme with 18 per cent of votes. Second place went to skim lattes, while indulgent full-cream cappuccinos were third most popular.

One lucky customer from each store will win a free cup of their personal preference every day for a year, if they entered the competition by signing up to the Muffin Break Loyalty Club and e-newsletter, and purchasing a steaming hot coffee.

A free coffee every day for a year equates to 365 disposable cups of deliciousness – which is a significant amount of waste for one person to generate. When you imagine the thousands of Australians who might also be purchasing their favourite beverage daily, the potential amount of disposable cups is pretty overwhelming!

In fact, these disposable cups can contribute significant amounts of harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere when sent to landfill.

For this reason, we hope the lucky winners of the free daily cup from Muffin Break invest in a reusable coffee cup to tote their preferred hot beverage – that’s 365 fewer cups to be sent to landfill!

If you’re a self-confessed coffee addict too, why not invest in a reusable coffee cup to sip from? Whether you indulge in a cuppa every morning or once a week, you’ll still help the environment by eliminating your contribution of coffee cup waste, and your local barista should be happy to use your cup.

These reusable cups are also stylish, functional and durable – perfect for all your hot beverages like skim latte or full-cream cappuccino!