Best Ways For Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

An increasing number of homeowners both across the country as well as throughout the world are realising the importance of, and potential for great impact, improved energy-efficient living can make to the environment. Making your home eco-friendly is a challenge and we’re here to help.

Here’s a quick guide to creating a beautiful and eco-friendly home. Our easy-to-follow tips and tricks are suitable for all homes of any shape and size, so you can make the most of your home in an environmentally friendly way as soon as possible!

Eco-friendly products

There are many green alternatives for nearly every household task and function you can think of and is an easy step in making your home eco-friendly! Starting the day with a hit of caffeine is a requirement for many people and by swapping your single-use holder for a reusable coffee cup, you can help to save the planet during your morning commute. Similarly, bringing lunch into work is an effective way to save money and time. Reusable sandwich wraps are another effective eco-friendly way to ensure that you save money as well as do your bit for the environment.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) recommends changing your coffee and lunch habits to to save money. In turn, altering the food and drink you consume can lead to reduced plastic use and other harmful materials.

Sustainable design

The warmer months are fast approaching and this is when many people consider home renovation or even moving house. If you are thinking of selling up, consider adding sustainability to your must-have list when looking for your dream home. Environmentally aware housing design will ensure that your home both looks and functions in a eco-friendly manner, meaning you have peace of mind to enjoy your home to the fullest in the knowledge that you are not damaging the world around you.

The need for sustainable design continues to grow. According to data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2012 solar-powered homes cut $6 a week from the power bills – meaning residents of energy efficient homes had $300 more in their pockets at the end of the year.

Green garden

Don’t forget the external spaces surrounding your home when making your home eco-friendly. Removing grass not only rids you of an often tiresome chore, it’s also an excellent way to reduce water consumption. Plus, when picking plants and other ornaments to decorate your garden, choose local flora that are native your region. This improves the ecosystem and maintains habitats from many creatures that call your plants home too.

In fact, “biodiversity and ecological integrity” is outlined as a key concern in the Western Australia State Sustainability Strategy, which is an initiative to increase sustainable design in the state.