Zero Waste

zero waste party

33 Easy And Affordable Zero Waste Party Tips

We humans love to celebrate, but all to often those celebrations can come with a steep environmental cost.  Celebrations and parties of all kinds too often come along with unnecessary waste as it can be perceived that it is cheaper and easier to use disposable everything, however with a little pre-planning this does not have […]

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repurposing everyday household items

Nine Ideas For Repurposing Everyday Household Items

Most environmentally conscious individuals are well aware of the basics of living green; refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and rot. Keeping these things in mind while choosing products for your home goes a long way toward reducing your carbon footprint on our planet. You can apply these principles to nearly every item in your home, but […]

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Reusable shopping bags

Banning Shopping Bags – Does it Really Work?

The problem with single use shopping bags Scotland has done it, California, Austin Texas and Kenya has done it – but does banning plastic shopping bags really work? Recently it was announced that Scotland and California had banned the use of disposable plastic bags, otherwise known as single use plastic, but does it really help […]

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plastic bottles

Giving Plastic Bottles a New Lease On Life

It’s no secret that here at Onya we’re firmly against the idea of single-use plastic bottles existing in the first place. As much as we’d love to zap them all into oblivion, however, the reality is that plastic bottles are still being produced, leaving us with the question of what to do with them once […]

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food waste

Avoiding Food Waste FAQs​

One of the hot topics in the sustainability world, food waste plays a large role in our daily lives. Whether it’s bits and pieces left over from meal prepping, or tossing that dodgy looking banana, you may be contributing more than you realise to one of society’s biggest problems. We take a closer look at […]

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