Check Out 2 Great Benefits Of Reusable Sandwich Wrap For Promotional Products

Are you in search of a way to integrate more environmentally friendly practises in your place of work? Would you like to give your company a more ethical, responsible image and contribute to positive change? There are a few benefits of reusable sandwich wrap for promotional products we’d like to share.

You may want to consider using eco friendly promotional products. These can help give your business’s profile a boost while also ensuring the image you put forth is sustainability minded.

Here are two great reasons why reusable sandwich wrap is a fantastic option for your company’s promotional purposes.

It’s incredibly practical and versatile

Why would you use anything but a promotional product that’s going to get your business great exposure, being used daily by its recipients? Common promotional products, such as mousepads and lanyards, are seldom used and barely ever have a life outside of the office.

Reusable sandwich wrap, on the other hand, is an incredibly useful item that people will use in many different locations. You can pack up the kids’ lunches and send them to school where it will be seen by other children, their parents and their teachers. Or the wrap can be used to store food at work, while travelling or on a picnic with the family – there are near endless options on this aspect of the benefits of reusable sandwich wrap for promotional products.

As they are made from incredibly strong materials, you can also rest assured that your sandwich wraps will last a long time, thereby providing a great return on investment. Plus, your company’s logo or name is labelled onto the product in an extremely effective and durable way, so you don’t need to worry about your message fading away. That is one of several long term benefits of reusable sandwich wrap as a promotiona product which is often overlooked.

They are environmentally friendly

How are reusable sandwich wraps environmentally friendly? For one, they are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). This is something that’s recycled from old plastic bottles that otherwise would have ended up as waste, meaning fewer new resources are used up in the process of production making it a wonderfully sustainable option.

In addition to this, it’s a strong material that can put up with plenty of rough and tumble, so it won’t degrade and need to be replaced for a long, long time!

Reusable sandwich wraps are also incredibly environmentally friendly because they replace the need for single-use plastic wrap, used by many people for their lunches and snacks. This is discarded after one use, heading to landfill and taking up valuable land, considering that plastic takes up to 1,000 years to break down in the natural environment.

Worse yet, a lot of plastic wrap ends up blowing around in the breeze and forming litter in our green spaces and waterways, which is not just unsightly, but harmful to the environment, too. Environmental organisations such as Clean Up Australia state that plastic is a big killer in the open environment, with animals ingesting the material and falling ill or even dying. In addition to this, if a creature consumes plastic, that’s not the end of it. The material still won’t break down, so when the animal dies and decomposes, the plastic will once again be free in the natural environment to cause more harm.

According to Clean Up Australia, each year, Australians are throwing away an estimated 20,700 tonnes of plastic from disposable plastic bags alone. Imagine how much that number increases when you consider all the other forms of single-use plastic that are discarded, too.

Reusable sandwich wrap can play a significant role in reducing this kind of detrimental waste. Why not be a part of helping to encourage this sustainable movement, while also providing your company with an effective form of promotion, and a responsible and ethical image at the same time? People and the planet will be positively impacted by the benefits of reusable sandwich wrap as a promotional product.