Check Out These 3 Great Benefits Of Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Is your company or organisation looking for a way to represent itself in public with promotional products? Perhaps you’re looking for something to distribute at company events, to your clients or to guests at your office. There are several benefits of reusable sandwich wraps for your promotional products including helping the environment.

However you’d like to use these items, consider looking at reusable, eco friendly promotional products.

One such option is reusable sandwich wrap from Onya. If you’re not quite sure how these items can benefit your brand and the recipients themselves, read on to check out three great benefits of reusable sandwich wraps that can help benefit you, your customers, and the planet.

1 – It’s functional, so your recipients will actually use it

How does reusable sandwich wrap work? Well, it offers an alternative to single-use plastic wraps that are commonly used for lunches and storing leftover food. This type of disposable wrap is problematic, because it is only used once and thrown away, taking up valuable resources in the process of its production only to be tossed away and fill up space at landfill.

One of the key benefits of reusable sandwich wraps is they can be used time and time again – and will be! Whether parents use it to pack their children’s sandwiches, rolls or other food items for school lunches, or use it themselves to store their food and snacks in the office, there’s no denying it’s an incredibly useful product that will get your company seen out and about. How?

2 – Your logo or design will be woven onto the product on a high-quality label

So, how will your company’s brand name or image get out there and in the public eye and be one of the benefits of reusable sandwich wraps? Onya uses high quality labels that are woven on to the reusable sandwich wrap and are resistant to general wear and tear. You can even wash the product safe in the knowledge it won’t be damaged or degraded.

What’s more, they’re able to stand up to the general rough and tumble items such as this are often exposed to when the kids take them to school.

In addition to this, you can choose the colour of your reusable sandwich wrap. That means you can control how the product fits in with the rest of your brand’s image, and match it to the colour scheme of your choice. This can give you peace of mind knowing there’s consistency in your representation across the board.

3 – It’s the environmentally friendly choice

These days, an increasing number of consumers are opting for more sustainable, ethical and eco friendly choices with the purchases they make and the products they use. More and more often, buyers are on the lookout for items that are both high quality and fair to the planet.

You can make sure you stay right on the pulse of this environmentally friendly movement by aligning your brand with sustainable promotional products.

Onya products are even made out of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), a material which is gathered from recycled plastic bottles. That makes this product extra eco friendly – not only is it made by rescuing recycled bottles that might have gone to landfill, the product in itself can be used time and time again, extending the life of the resources put into its production.

This helps to challenge the present day’s disposable culture of throwing items and buying new ones to replace them in an endless cycle. As more consumers become privy to the damage this kind of mindset encourages, as well as the environmental dangers of single-use plastic, eco friendly products will become even more popular.

Don’t get left behind as this movement progresses – be a part of it by choosing promotional products that stand up for looking after the Earth.