Community inspired sustainable living

It's great to see that Australia is taking sustainability seriously with a number of eco friendly initiatives going on around the country.

Governments on the local and federal level are embracing sustainable living – as are communities, households and individuals.

Now the City of Melbourne has further embraced sustainable living with making sure its arts and entertainment precinct is socially and environmentally sustainable.

Height controls have been put in place so that the buildings do not cause undue disruption to the local environment.

"This amendment highlights the significance of our city’s much loved arts precinct by setting a 24 metre mandatory height limit around Hamer Hall, the Spire, the Arts Centre and adjoining area," said planning minister Matthew Guy.

"The streetscape and built form controls are a sensible approach that will enable the area to thrive and achieve the right balance for this growing precinct."

As well as this, sustainable transport measures are encouraged with walking and cycling routes as well as easy access to tram and train routes.

While local councils and groups implement actions and changes such as this, you might be thinking about what you can do to make a difference as an individual.

Well, making an effort to use the public transport that has been provided is one step towards reducing your individual carbon footprint.

It's also a good idea to cut unnecessary environmentally detrimental products out of your life, such as single-use plastic items such as plastic shopping bags. Instead, opt for reusable eco friendly bags.

While you're at it, ditch the cardboard coffee cups and instead purchase a reusable coffee cup so that you're not throwing rubbish into the landfill as you finish your latte every day.

A few small changes can make a difference, so take some inspiration from the community and go green.