Get ready for a Plastic Free July

Have you been thinking about ways you can reduce your plastic use and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Avoiding the use of plastic bags is a great start, especially with the Plastic Free July month coming up.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is an initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council and is facilitated through the Western Earth Carers Programme.

The challenge is to go through the whole month of July without consuming any single-use plastic items – that's anything that you use once that heads straight to landfill afterwards.
This includes shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, and plastic packaging.

If you want to ease yourself into the challenge, choose a couple of items you are more confident eliminating, and work yourself up to more next time.

Businesses, schools, families and individuals are invited to participate in the challenge and register with the initiative in order to receive emails containing tips, tricks, news and support related to the month.

But how will I live without plastic??

Luckily, there are many substitutes for single-use plastic products available.

For instance, instead of using a disposable plastic cup, you can switch to a stainless steel drink bottle which can be used over and over, and perhaps you could use a reusable coffee cup for your daily coffee.

When doing supermarket shopping, it can seem like plastic bags are necessary, but it's surprisingly easy to switch over to reusable bags. These are also much handier than your average plastic bag because they're stronger and easier to carry!

You can even use eco-friendly produce bags for your fruits and vegetables, so there's no need to reach for a plastic one. These are so lightweight that they won't add any weight on the scales. Plus, they are easy to wash and reuse.

It's easier than you think to free yourself from single-use plastic, so give it a go this July.