Starbucks rewards eco friendly customers

In a move that's testament to positive and enlightened attitudes towards the environment, coffee-giant Starbucks has introduced a fantastic new eco friendly concept to reward environmentally conscious customers.

Starbucks branches in Mexico have initiated a campaign designed to reduce the amount of waste produced in their stores, through offering customers the choice of using a reusable coffee cup to take away their steaming hot beverage.

In addition, customers who choose to use a reusable coffee cup will receive a discount off their order – a particularly positive benefit for those who rack up a small fortune in coffee purchases each week!

The reusable coffee cups provided by Starbucks are estimated to be able to be used up to 30 times. Though that is essentially 30 less paper cups to end up in landfill, the cups may still eventually need to be thrown out – which is why purchasing a durable, long-life reusable coffee cup of your own is the absolute best option.

According to the University of Queensland, up to one billion coffee cups are produced in Australia each year, which results in more than 7,000 tonnes of waste. Plus, disposable coffee cups that contain polyethylene can produce methane gas when sent to landfill – a greenhouse gas "21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide".

That's an alarming amount, so the pro-active steps of companies such as Starbucks are well-warranted – and everyone can help to make a difference.

If you'd like to take Starbucks' eco friendly lead, purchasing your own reusable coffee cup made from silicone in Australia is the best choice to make for the environment. These reusable coffee cups can be used a countless number of times rather than being limited to just 30 times, and are also easily transported, so you won't be disadvantaged when rushing to that important meeting. Plus, they look pretty stylish!

You can even ask your local barista to make your regular flat white in your reusable coffee cup. If you're feeling a little cheeky, advise them of Starbucks' campaign and ask for a little discount of your own!