Top eco friendly transport tips

Do you feel a twinge of pain every time you go to fill up your car's petrol tank and the amount it costs keeps going up and up and up?

You're not alone – it is getting increasingly difficult for many Australians to cope with petrol prices. Then there's the effect that we know driving has on the environment – polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

Maybe you've been thinking about alternative methods of transport that will save you money while cutting down on global carbon emissions? Here are a few ideas that can help you make the change.

1 – Car pool

If you live close to someone who you work with and you both drive, why not team up and take turns driving each other? This small step will add up big time, with savings on petrol and parking galore – maybe you can pick up a coffee on the way and use your reusable coffee cups!

2 – Public transport

If you have children and drive them to school, consider helping them to learn to take the bus, catch the train or walk. If you'd still like to drive them, maybe you can carpool with another family close by.

You can also make more personal use of public transport systems. Create a set of rules for yourself – if your destination is relatively close, always walk or take the bus. Your car doesn't always have to be your go to form of transport – rather it can be a backup for the days you need to need to travel a longer distance, carry a big load of groceries or if it's raining.

3 – Make your car more efficient

When you do use your own car, make sure you don't have heavy items in the backseat or boot weighing it down unnecessarily. This will make your car burn through its fuel faster.

As well as this, don't be heavy handed with your accelerator and rev too much. It's the simple things!