Discover The Annual Migration Of Whales In Australia

If you want visual proof of why we should always use eco friendly products, simply head straight for either the North, South or East coastlines of Australia. There, you’ll see one of nature’s greatest phenomena, and witness whales, one of the most impressive creatures of the animal kingdom.

Each year during May to November, our very own coastlines are home to one of the greatest animal migrations of all time – the migration of the whales. The humpback whale heads north from Antarctica to escape the chilly waters, breed and give birth.

One of the best spots to witness these majestic ocean beasts is Hervey Bay, where you’re almost guaranteed a sighting every year. Because of this, the Whale Watch Industry Association of Hervey Bay offers a variety of whale watching tours, in which visitors can take to the glittering waters of the bay and watch the humpbacks from an up close and personal perspective.

In June and July at the Great Barrier Reef, those curious to get an even closer look at our underwater friends can head under the clear blue waters to swim with the Dwarf Minke whale. These whales are very curious and can grow up to eight metres in length. You’ll get to see the whales glide right past you and may even get to enjoy some eye contact with these magical animals!

So why take the opportunity to get up close and personal to the whales?

Aside from being a thrilling experience you will never forget, seeing a whale up close will confirm your resolve to use eco friendly products. When you witness how truly magnificent these creatures of the deep are, you’ll want to preserve their environment even more!

What’s more, disposable plastics and other products are known to pose a significant threat to marine animals – not just whales – through strangulation, suffocation and ingestion.

To those who use eco friendly products – we suggest you get up close and personal to a whale to really get a feel for how much of a positive impact you are making!