Doing Your Bit For The Environment

With climate change threatening to warm our planet up to unsafe levels, it's important that we each do our bit to help the environment in whatever way we can.

On a community level, it's great news that local councils in Victoria are being granted $4.75 million to help manage climate risks in their regions, as announced on July 17 by the minister for environment and climate change Ryan Smith.

The state has set out an action plan to manage the risks of a changing climate as well as building Victoria's resilience to extreme weather events.

One example of this would be rural councils working with local agricultural producers to better understand climate risks specific to their regions – and then figuring out how to adapt crop management to make sure there are consistent yields under these varying climate conditions.

What can I do?

Support those working at a community level to mitigate the risks of climate change by doing what you can as an individual.

Choosing to buy eco-friendly products and to reduce your level of personal waste are two ways you can make a difference.

This can involve giving up single-use plastic bags and opting for reusable shopping bags instead.

You can also save electricity around the home by switching off appliances at the wall when they're not in use, and by using efficient Energy Star rated appliances.

You can also save on heating costs this winter by making sure your home is well insulated, and that cold air isn't blowing in through any cracks or gaps in windows and doors.

As always, remember when you leave a room to turn off the light straight away. Introduce a few of these changes into your life and you'll be doing the planet a great favour.