Four eco friendly tips to use around the home

Aside from purchasing eco friendly products such as reusable sandwich wraps, there are plenty of actions you can take around the home to boost your environmentally friendly repertoire.

Some of these actions may not seem like they make a difference, but rest assured that every action you take has an impact on our environment – whether it's positive or negative!

Here are four easy tips to get into the habit of doing around the home:

Reuse water

Instead of simply pouring unused water down the drain, try to find another use for it at all times. If your family doesn't quite finish the contents of stainless steel drink bottles each day, use the excess to water plants or the vegetable garden. In winter, hot water bottles are a perfect way to reuse water by watering the garden, instead of just running the contents down the sink once it has run cold! 

Donate old materials

Materials such as magazines or newspapers that you no longer have any need for can always be given a new lease on life. If you've finished reading them, donate them to others who might like them – think younger siblings or children who might like to use the images for scrapbooking. You can also often donate newspapers to your local RSPCA branch to line animal's cages.

Conserve energy

Wherever possible, effort should be taken to make sure your home isn't using more energy than needed. Switch lights off as you leave the room, wash laundry in a cold wash, and unplug appliances when they're not in use – easy!

Make use of the environment

At times, going for the simplest option can turn out to be the most eco friendly. Open a window instead of turning on the air conditioning, dry clothes outside in the sun instead of in the clothes dryer, or design a room to harness natural light instead of using lamps and lights to illuminate it.