Easter Treats To Pop In Your Child’s Reusable Sandwich Wrap

The Easter Bunny is preparing to visit Australia next month, and lucky boys and girls might receive a chocolate egg or two. However, there are plenty more cute and delicious Easter treats you and your kids can make together to celebrate the occasion – and some are a little healthier than endless chocolate eggs!

Here are a few yummy Easter-themed goodies to pack your family’s reusable sandwich wrap with:

Easter cupcakes

Simple cupcakes are probably the easiest sweet treat to decorate with an Easter theme. Try a simple vanilla cupcake or get a little fancy with a red velvet or rich chocolate base, and go wild with your icing decorations! Ideas include bunny rabbits, carrots, chicks, or a simple cream cheese frosting with one small chocolate egg on top. Use a piping bag for any fussy details, and don’t be afraid to let your kids make their own designs.

Decorated hard-boiled eggs

Kids love a delicious hard-boiled egg, and they can make the perfect easy Easter-themed lunch item with them. Use natural dyes such as beetroot to colour your eggs, or simply stroke with a paintbrush to create vibrant designs. Kids will love coming up with ideas on how to decorate the best Easter egg – why not reuse scrap or craft items from around the house such as ribbon or sequins to give them that extra flair?

Oat and carrot slice

This yummy, fibre-rich slicemakes for some perfect Easter treats – it’s made out of food rabbits love to eat! It’s the perfect healthy snack to slip into your kids’ reusable sandwich wrap, and it’s so delicious that they’ll be asking for more. Find a recipe online – there are plenty of variations, including carrot and apple slice. General ingredients include rolled oats, coconut, grated carrot, yoghurt, brown sugar, cinnamon, sultanas and eggs.