Edible Water Bottles – The Way Of The Future?

We know that plastic water bottles are bad for both the environment and our health. Not only is there the fear that plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals that could damage human health, they also release dangerous greenhouse gases when they break down and pose a threat to wildlife through suffocation or ingestion. Can edible water bottles be an effective solution?

In an effort to offset the dangerous side effects of using these convenient disposable bottles, we’ve developed more eco friendly approaches to our drinking habits. Using stainless steel drink bottles is one of the ways to avoid your contribution of plastic waste, and they’re also a great way to keep your beverage fresh and cool!

However, there are some more quirky approaches to eco friendly drinking. A group of research students from Imperial College London have designed potentially the weirdest concept yet.

The ‘Ooho’ edible water bottles are a completely biodegradable form of packaging water. In fact, it’s so biodegradable, consumers can safely eat the package once they have finished drinking!

The bubble-like package of these edible water bottles is essentially a ‘membrane’ made from brown algae and calcium chloride, and is capable of holding water.

According to designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, the design is entirely biodegradable, safe, hygienic and costs little to manufacture.

But just how realistic is eating your water bottle after you finish with it? With stainless steel drink bottles, you can refill time and time again, which is perfect when you’re on the run. Aside from this, they’re also sturdy and durable, which the Ooho may not be with its gelatinous surface.

A video depicting the Ooho also shows it’s not terribly large, which could be an issue for extra thirsty consumers!

However, the proactive, forward-thinking concept is a testament to designers who are dedicated to environmental conservation. In the meantime, stick to a stainless steel drink bottle and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment!