3 easy eco friendly DIY tips for the home

Are you looking to jazz up your home with a fresh look, but want to do so in a way that won't hurt the environment?

You're in luck! Check out these 3 fun and easy sustainable ideas using eco friendly products that can help to revitalise your home. 

Creative table napkins

Rather than buying disposable table napkins for your meals and dinner parties, why not get creative with cloth napkins you can reuse time and time again?

Let your creativity flow as you decide upon fabric and designs – even a complete novice can sew one of these! 

Not only will they make a great dinner table feature, they're good for the environment as they save paper from being bought and thrown out regularly, which can also be a nice bonus for your wallet. 

Decorative jars

Wondering what you can do with all those old jam jars?

Rather than forking out on new items such as vases and candle containers, you can use your jars to hold flowers and other decorative items around your home.

They look beautiful with fresh flowers and plants, storing tea lights or even holding household ingredients such as sugar, flour, tea and coffee – and can even be used as stylish soap dispensers! 

Both practical for storage and offering plenty of style, jars are a great eco friendly way to liven up your home. 

Repurposed boxes

Do you have wooden or cardboard crates or boxes lying around the home? Why let them go to waste when you can turn them into great statement storage pieces?

Smaller boxes can be repurposed and decorated to act as storage for trinkets in the bathroom or on your chest of drawers, while larger ones can be used for bigger items, such as clothes or shoes, or even made into shelving. The options are endless, so grab those boxes and release your inner interior designer.

In no time at all your home will be redecorated with minimal waste – the eco friendly way.