Australian environmental inspirations

There's no question that Australian has a beautiful natural environment. We all know we need to protect it too, and it's motivating to see that there are many inspirational citizens setting an example of how to live a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

In support of  World Environment Day, which was held on June 5, the United Nations Association of Australia held its World Environment Day Awards.

This recognised individuals and groups who were displaying innovation and excellence in environmental programs and initiatives throughout the country. It aimed to show the important work of Australian environmental leaders.

The Awards

Winner of the Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award was Don Henry, chief executive of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

He has worked to protect many Australian heritage areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and has worked for various environmental organisations campaigning for conservation and eco friendly living.

Other awards included Young Environmentalist of the Year, Sustainability Leadership, and Sustainable Product Design.

The Young Environmentalist of the Year Award is particularly inspiring as it shows how much passion and leadership is coming through from the younger generation in looking after the natural environment, bringing a lot of hope to the nation.

There were also awards in the fields of community, biodiversity, business, education, water management, green building, and reporting.

What it all means

Nominations for these awards came from individuals, organisations, businesses, councils, schools, journalists and community groups who work in fields related to environmental protection and natural heritage.

The awards raise awareness about the various environmental issues and challenges that Australia is facing. They aim to inspire and motivate all Australians to take steps to make their lifestyles and choices more sustainable, whether it be through using more eco friendly products or by joining in on natural conservation efforts.