Extra cooling tips for summer

Are you doing everything you can to stay cool without an air conditioner, but just finding it too hard? Don't stress! You can still use an air conditioning unit to keep cool if absolutely necessary, if you follow a few easy steps to make it more efficient.

Not only will this be great for your wallet, it helps out the environment, too.

Tips for using air conditioning the summer

If you do need to use an air conditioner, choose a model with a high Energy Star rating. The higher the amount of stars on an appliance, the more efficient it is and the less electricity it will use.

With every extra star, you will save 10 per cent on the running costs of the unit. Set the thermostat to between 23 and 26 degrees and you will save a further 10 to 20 per cent!

Also have a look at the capacity output of the machine, and use the number in the blue 'power input' box in the middle of the label to compare power consumption between machines, to find the most efficient option.

Remember that ceiling fans cost much less than air conditioning units. If your house really heats up, trying turning your air conditioning unit on for an hour, then switch it off and use your ceiling fan. The fan will be able to circulate the cool air from the conditioning unit around the house, meaning you won't have to leave the air con on all day.

Extra tips: Look out for more eco friendly products like inverter models, which are quieter to run and will also likely make you some savings on your summer power bill.

If you're using an extremely old air conditioning unit, do consider upgrading to a more efficient model as this will be able to provide you with far bigger energy savings.

Your cheaper bills and the planet will thank you for it!