Unusual ways to save water

With the weather heating up, it is natural that demand for water should increase. We use this precious resource to rehydrate, cool down and grow food.

Low rainfall at times can pose a problem when it comes to water conservation, as supplies of this resource are scarce.

Here are some tips you may not have considered to reduce your water intake.

In the garden

Many people limit or even altogether stop watering their plants when there is less H20 around.

However, careful planting can help you have a beautiful garden while minimising the amount of watering you will need to do.

Plant items that require a similar level of watering in groups, so you can give them the right amount of nutrition at the same time without over watering.

Trees, shrubs and flowers that need a lot of water are best put in a place where they will be sheltered, as this will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation.

Limit the amount of lawn you have, as this surface requires a lot of water to keep it in tip top condition. However, be careful to avoid hard surfaces in the great outdoors as these can dry out nearby soil when they heat up, and do not absorb rainwater.

In the kitchen

With around 30 per cent of all the food produced in the world going to waste – that's1.3 billion tonnes in landfills around the globe each year – food wastage is a big issue.

While it may seem easy to just throw out the leftovers from last night's dinner, be aware that you are also putting all the water used to produce those ingredients into landfill.

If you feel you cannot finish your meal, see if you can repurpose it. Often sides can be reused as sandwich fillings the next day.

Make sure you carry it to work in a reusable sandwich bag, rather than sending more disposable plastics to landfill unnecessarily.