Using RPET and other Eco Friendly Products

In numbers greater than ever before, Australians and others from all over the world are choosing to live more sustainable lifestyles.

This includes the use of eco friendly products in the home, such as reusable items, as opposed to single-use, throwaway items that contribute to the global waste problem.

Human passion for knowledge and discovery along with the advancement of technology has come up with some great ways to become more efficient with our resources and new ways of being more sustainable are becoming accessible every day.

Now, a surprising amount of waste can be transformed into something new, if only people take the time and make the effort. One example of this is rPET, or recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

The bottles that you might drink water, fizzy drinks and juices from are made out of PET – polyethylene terephthalate – and this material can actually be recycled to be used in a completely new, sustainable way. Think twice the next time you are about to throw away one of these bottles rather than placing it in a recycling bin, as rPET is one of the best solutions for the problem of plastic-bottle waste.

Onya Eco Friendly Formula

The eco friendly products process

Onya uses rPET to make its reusable bags. Plastic bottles are gathered from recycling plants and are cleaned and sorted. Then they are crushed into small flakes, heated to melting point and extracted to create yarn – which is used to make bags here at Onya!

Creating an eco friendly product in this way – from an already existing material rather than straight from scratch – saves on energy and resources and also means there is less plastic polluting the natural environment or wasting away in landfill. It is these processes and products that will help us build a more sustainable planet and way of living, rather than simply churning through resources and living beyond our means.

The great thing about Onya rPet reusable bags is that unlike single-use alternatives, they have a long lifespan, and so also help to lessen the planet’s burden.

While eco friendly products are becoming more popular and available, there is still a lot of work to be done to make sure they become a completely integrated part of everyday life around the world. Consumer culture and behaviour can change to be more sustainable with the more eco friendly products that are available – so if your favourite companies and suppliers aren’t making the kind of sustainable products you want, contact them and let them know how important eco-friendly products are to their customers.

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