Five kid-friendly sandwich ideas for back-to-school lunchboxes

Kids might feel like they've only just finished up school and gone on holiday, but reality is that school is only a few days away or may have already started for some.

Going back to school might seem a little more appealing for your children if they have yummy lunches to look forward to.

Here are four delicious sandwich ideas that kids will love finding in their reusable sandwich wraps:

Egg and avocado on whole grain bread

A delicious combination with so many healthy fats! Hard-boil an egg and season with plenty of salt and pepper, and add lashings of avocado on grainy brown bread. This is healthy at its most tasty.

Caesar sandwich – chicken, bacon and salad

Although not the healthiest option, adding Caesar sauce and a strip of bacon to the classic chicken salad sandwich turns it into a delicious treat. Limit this one to every so often and your kids will love it.

BLT with aioli

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, two slices of wholegrain bread and a dash of creamy aioli. This may just be the ultimate sandwich for lunch – if your kids don't unwrap it from their reusable sandwich wrap before morning tea.

Vegemite and chips

This simple Aussie classic might not seem so appealing to parents, but kids usually consider these a lunchbox winner. Make on classic white bread, with a generous helping of Vegemite and a layer of chips. Consider leaving chips in a separate reusable sandwich wrap to ensure they don't get soggy.

Steak and cheese

Take this not-so-healthy pie combination and turn it into a gourmet sandwich option. Cut steak thinly and serve on sourdough or Turkish bread, with melted cheddar cheese in the middle – yum!