Four Fun Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins seem to be all about fun and one of the most common of the facts about dolphins is they are known as the acrobats of the sea. They are also a firm family favourite for their gorgeous appearance, incredible athleticism and friendly nature. However, the facts show these beautiful creatures are at risk of death – all because of us humans!

Our litter, such as plastics and fishing gear, pose the threat of entangling or being ingested by dolphins. Plastic bottles and plastic bags are some of the largest culprits – which is all the more reason to use green bags and other eco friendly products!

If you’re not already in love with these beautiful sea mammals, these facts about dolphins will convince you!

1. They can live for up to 45 years

It was previously thought that a dolphin’s lifespan was around 25 to 35 years, but according to Dolphin Discovery Centre Bunbury, they can actually live for much longer than this. Dolphins can live up to 45 years of age – which means there could be plenty of dolphins out in the deep blue that are older than you are!

2. They are family-oriented

Dolphins travel in pods, and will look after their family members, by helping to raise other dolphin’s calves, and hunting for food. Mother dolphins rear their young for two to three years with the help of other dolphins.

3. They are clever

These creatures are surprisingly smart. In fact, they have worked out how to solve problems such as how to catch fish more easily. According to Shark Bay World Heritage Area, the bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay will drive fish on to the beach, where they will be helpless, and ‘beach’ themselves to grab the fish before wiggling back into the sea. They will also dig under the sea floor to find fish that are hiding.

4. They have been around for millions of years

According to Dolphin Research Australia, both dolphins and whales began evolving millions of years ago, and most of the species we know today were already present 10 million years ago! If they’re going to stick around for another 10 million years, they need our help – which is why we need to use eco friendly products!