Four Reasons To Try Carpooling

How many times have you been sitting alone in your car on the way to work, only to look around you and notice the rest of the cars on the road are also not carpooling and are mostly occupied by one person?

Transport is a large contributor of environmentally damaging carbon dioxide emissions in Australia, and each and every car on the road plays a part. That’s why we think that the more cars we take off the road, the better – so why not try your hand at carpooling?

You might think picking up a colleague or two before work is a hassle, but there are plenty of perks to it. Here are just four of them:

1. Be more eco friendly

Currently, nearly two in three Australians make their way to work by private car, but far less take a passenger along with them. Hobart is the most likely area to carpool, but just one in 10 people share the drive to work. In Melbourne, only one in every 14 drivers catches a ride with someone else.

Although walking and biking are the most eco friendly forms of transport, travelling with one or more passengers in your car still ensures a fewer cars are on the road releasing fumes into the environment.

2. Take advantage of transit lanes

Sick of sitting in standstill traffic? With passengers in your car, it’s easy to take advantage of transit lanes. Grab a colleague or two and enjoy congestion free roads and an easy ride to work – you may even be able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, or enough time to pack an extra delicious lunch in your reusable sandwich wrap!

3. Save money

Petrol costs a significant amount when you have to commute to and from work each day, but passengers are likely to contribute to petrol costs if you give them a ride. Imagine your petrol costs being halved – bliss!

4. Company

Last but not least, carpooling will provide you with great company for your travels. Who knows – you could strike up a friendship with a colleague!