Onya Fundraising Programme Case Study


Onya Fundraising Programme Case Study
- The Maarifa Foundation -

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If you’re wondering how the Onya fundraising programme can help your organisation, we’re pleased to share some insights from The Maarifa Foundation on their Onya fundraising campaign experience.

What is your organisation’s mission?

The Maarifa Foundation is an education for conservation not for profit. We empower students with the knowledge and opportunity to make positive environmental choices, contributing to local and global conservation outcomes.

"In the end we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand, and we will only understand what we are taught"

The Maarifa Foundation's work is inspired by this quote by Baba Dioum

In Kenya, we support students in Maasai communities situated close to private wildlife conservancies and twin with classrooms in Australia, offering unique cultural and conservation exchange opportunity.

Land owned by Kenya's Maasai communities, otherwise cleared and grazed, but instead, set aside for conservation and low-density eco-tourism as these wildlife conservancies, provides integral ecological support for National Parks and Reserves. These conservancies in return, provide financial benefit to the community by way of land leases and employment. At The Maarifa Foundation, we work to ensure the ongoing protection and enhancement of these lands and wildlife by engaging the younger generation in our education for conservation initiatives.

Assistance in paying school fees, provision of uniforms, shoes and solar lights and most importantly, delivery of an environmental conservation program for children in Maasai community Kenya, will help ensure they receive a proper education, will facilitate a passion for wildlife and conservation and demonstrates a global gratitude for creating these biodiversity rich wildlife havens!

We are currently working with two Australian schools, and two schools in Kenya as we deliver our unique education for conservation sessions and cultural exchange opportunities. We are also working towards building a small library and filling it with books at Illoirero Primary School (in the Amboseli ecosystem) and Kishermoruak Primary School (in the Mara ecosystem), and sending the students to Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve for the day. Its so important these children get the opportunity to learn, see and experience the natural environment and its wildlife.

Why did you select Onya's fundraising programme for your fundraising needs?

A core activity of The Maarifa Foundation in Australia is recycling. We do it as part of our education program, we do it to improve our own local environment and we do it to raise money for our education for conservation program here in Australia and also in Kenya. Its an activity that the whole community can be part of. Since we started in September 2020, we have recycled close to 13,000 containers. Onya obviously is a perfect partner for us, as they turn plastic bottles into sustainable reusable products - so together we are part of a circular economy. The ethos of our two organisations clearly align.

Do you feel you were supported appropriately by Onya throughout the campaign?

Onya's customer service was second to none and we were adequately supported throughout the process. The information pack provided at the start of the campaign was very useful and we appreciated the regular updates of our fundraising progress during the campaign.

How were Onya products received by your audience?

They were received very well because of the synergies with our work - it just made sense that when we were asking the community to recycle their bottles and cans for our education for conservation organisation, that this fundraising campaign also reflected the same message of sustainable living. Many of our supporters are already passionate conservationists so purchasing sustainable products that would also support our conservation efforts was like a double-win.

How did you promote your fundraising campaign?

We promoted our campaign predominately on social media and called on the help of friends, family and work colleagues to spread the word wide and far. It was perfect timing for our campaign as it was leading up to Christmas. Onya products made perfect Christmas presents for school teachers, and stocking stuffers for friends and family.

Eco Friendly Fundraising

Did the overall fundraising programme process meet your expectations?

It exceeded our expectations. A 30% contribution from every purchase was very generous and the support we were provided was exceptional.

What did the results of your fundraising campaign make possible?

Eco FundraisingIt assisted in raising additional funds that were needed to deliver our first big milestone... on the 20th January we officially launched our organisation at Illoirero Primary School, in Maasai community Kenya. On this day, we paid annual school fees for 25 students identified as most in need, purchased new school uniforms and shoes and a solar light for each of these students. We also provided a hot nutritious meal for every child at the school. This was in part funded by the Onya Campaign.

Do you have any hints or tips to share on what made your fundraising campaign a success?

What made our campaign so successful was having a strong presence on social media promoting the campaign and highlighting different products each post and linking it with a conservation or sustainability message. Timing for us was good, as close to Christmas, and messaging was also very easy, since we recycle bottles, so being able to advertise the tote and side bags was exceptionally popular as these items are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Would you recommend the Onya fundraising programme to others?

Yes for other community or not for profit environmental organisations, we would absolutely recommend this program. It just makes sense!


Want to know more? Visit the Onya Fundraising Programme page here to learn more about the fundraising programme options with Onya.

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