Get Involved In Clean Up Australia Day

One of the biggest culprits of environmental damage is the waste that ends up in the wrong bins, releasing greenhouse gases in our landfill, or scattered across our gorgeous land and marine environment.

To combat the issue of waste ending up in our eco system, Clean Up Australia hosts a “Clean Up Australia Day” every year on the first Sunday of March. This year, the event is being held on Sunday March 2.

The aim of the day is to encourage Aussie locals to collect as much rubbish as possible from the environment around various sites in Australia. Interested parties must register their own site and do their bit at cleaning up the community on the day.

The very first ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ was held Sydney in 1989, and was named “Clean Up Sydney Harbour Day”. This event attracted over 40,000 people – a fabulous first attempt! Now, Clean Up Australia Day has collected over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish from all across Australia in the past 20 years – now that’s impressive.

Even if you haven’t registered for this years Clean Up Australia, every day is a chance to help our environment. Clean Up Australia also recommend registering your school, business or group (or just you!) and your chosen site as part of their “Clean Up Every Day” campaign. This is a great chance for eco friendly Aussies to do their bit without waiting another year for Clean Up Australia Day!

According to the Clean Up Australia Rubbish Report, common items on the day include cigarette butts, soft drink containers, and plastic items.

While participating in cleaning up your community is a fantastic way to help our environment, eliminating the rubbish you contribute to the environment is even better. You can do this by avoiding disposable products and instead buying eco friendly products such as reusable bags and stainless steel drink bottles.