Go Green On St Patrick’s Day

The annual celebration of St Patrick’s Day is looming, with countries all around the world lining up to celebrate the leprechaun, shamrock and luck of the Irish.

There’s another trend central to St Paddy’s Day – and it’s very green. On the day, millions of people make the effort to dress up in all shades of Irish green to celebrate this worldwide recognised day.

If you’re planning on dressing in green on March 17, why not take it one step further and go ‘green’ with eco friendly products?

There are plenty of eco friendly products you can use to make your life that little bit greener. Recyclable and sustainable products are designed to have little impact on the environment around us – meaning we contribute to the protection of our beautiful planet.

Just one of the options to invest in on St Patrick’s Day is a reusable sandwich wrap. These pouches are designed to keep your food fresh and safe until lunchtime, and can be used over and over again, unlike single use cling wraps or tinfoil.

To add a little St Patrick’s theme to your lunch, how about adding some delicious corned beef sandwiches or delicious muffins with green frosting to your sandwich bag?

Another great eco friendly product to invest in is stainless steel drink bottles. Every Australian needs plenty of H2O to keep their body hydrated, but plastic bottles pose a huge danger to the environment when disposed of. Stainless steel bottles are great for the environment and can be used time and time again.

You could even add a little St Patrick’s cheer to your child’s stainless steel drink bottle on March 17 by adding a few drops of natural green food colouring to their water!