Hang On To Your Reusable Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup

That early morning fix of espresso in your reusable coffee cup could be something to savour even more in coming months, with a drought in Brazil threatening to raise coffee prices in Australia as a shortage in beans becomes evident.

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, but recent dry weather has challenged coffee growers and resulted in difficult conditions that could cause a global coffee shortage and a spike in the price of your daily flat white.

As published by the Sydney Morning Herald, a harvest of 52 to 53 million bags is expected this year, as opposed to a forecast of 56 to 57 million bags in December.

This is bad news for coffee addicts, who could potentially see a 10 to 60 cent increase in their cafe cuppa, according to New Zealand publication The Dominion Post.

With prices rising and coffee ever sought-after, it seems appropriate that reusable coffee cup owners should make the most of their eco friendly vessels. Some Australian cafes have embraced the eco friendly initiative of offering customers a discount on their coffee bill if they bring their own reusable cup – something that could save money in the long run!

Plus, it may be cheaper to get your hands on some espresso beans and make your cup at home before leaving the house – savouring every last grind, of course!

However, the coffee shortage doesn’t only draw attention to the impending ‘coffee crisis’ – it also highlights the importance of saving our precious resources. Water may seem as if it’s in abundant supply, but Australia is no stranger to droughts.

Save water around your home by installing water-efficient appliances in your home, being aware of how much water you are using when you take a shower or run the tap, and reusing water for other uses, such as watering the garden.