Host An Eco Friendly Kids Party

If you’ve got a child with a birthday coming up, you might already be thinking of themes and planning out party games. If you lead an eco friendly lifestyle, you may want to think about how to make the special occasion as ‘green’ as possiblewith an eco friendly kids party.

There are plenty of ways you can turn a kids party into a sustainable affair, while still ensuring your child and his or her guests have a fantastic time.

Here are a few ideas for an eco friendly kids party to get you started:

Reduce the materials you use

Wherever possible, avoid using unnecessary materials. In this day and age, online invitations are perfectly acceptable – so email away rather than sending out a multitude of paper invitations. Likewise, plastic cups and plastic plates are not needed. Instead, give kids recycled paper cups and plates, and serve drinks from easy-to-pour stainless steel drink bottles lined up along the table, or glass punch bowls.

Get creative with decorations

Instead of purchasing garlands, ribbon and other potentially non-recyclable materials for party decorations, get thrifty and create your own. There are plenty of items hanging around the house that are just waiting to be transformed! Think using old jam jars with tea candles inside to create gorgeous lamps for a fairy-themed party, or old tyres cut in half as seats for a boy’s truck-themed do.

Use local produce

Party treats such as lollies and cakes often come packaged in non-recyclable plastics, not to mention are unhealthy for young people’s health. Instead, give party attendees their sweet hit with fresh fruit from the garden such as strawberries, blackberries and apples. Get creative and serve them in forms that kids love – a pancake breakfast party with fresh fruit such as strawberries is sure to be a hit with any child!