How To Advertise Your Ecotourism Business

The Australian tourism industry continues to experience growth, with the latest figures from Tourism Australia showing that 6.1 million international travellers visited the country in 2012 – a 4.6 per cent increase on the previous year – and revealing how important this sector is to the Australian economy. With growing numbers like these, it is more important than ever to learn to advertise your ecotourism business and stand out from the crowd.

While people still enjoy a holiday, whether that’s a relaxing beach break or more adventurous activity getaway, a traveller’s conscience has extended to how sustainable these breaks can be too, as well as the nature of the content and how viable the cost is.

The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) supports this view, claiming that ecotourism is “the fastest growing segment” in the entire industry, and likely to eventually account for up to 30 per cent of all tourism undertaken.

Ecotourism Australia (EA), a not-for-profit organisation, defines the term as applying to tourism which is “ecologically sustainable” and features a focus on “experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.”

Therefore, ecotourism companies that deal specifically with this type of vacation are becoming more and more in demand to match the increasing number of tourists wanting to explore the world without damaging the environment.

So how can your company establish itself on the green holiday market amidst the ever-expanding competition? Here we suggest three ways to leave a (carbon-free) footprint on the sector and advertise your ecotourism business.

Promotional tote bags

What better way to attract attention to your company than on the arms of travellers currently enjoying an eco-friendly expedition? Steadily becoming a fashion accessory as well as a means of communicating a message, emblazoning your company logo and details across a tote bag is a definite way to get noticed.

Choose a sustainable material wisely to reflect your ethos and brand. Natural weave and canvas tend to be the most common fabrics, although don’t be afraid to research other alternative options to really make your bag stand out from the crowd.

When selecting the print to go across the bag, ensure that you select paint or other materials that don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals, and avoid aerosol cans as much as possible.

Sponsored challenges

Everyone loves a challenge, and promoting your ecotourism business with an activity for a charitable cause is another way to attract your potential client base as well as engage them in an activity that matters most to them.

Possible events could include sponsored walk to work days, bike rides or clothes swapping. These are all perfect ways to get fit for a holiday and update your wardrobe – two tasks that are on most pre-holiday checklists, but that can also be achieved in a green and sustainable way.

Picking a cause to promote should align with what your company offers in terms of holiday packages, so that customers can feel like they are already experiencing what your business has to offer. Successful challenges are a great way to potentially encourage new holiday-makers to book with you, plus reinforcing for your regular guests what they enjoy so much about the experiences you offer them.


Think outside the cardboard box and go paperless when it comes to printed advertising. Take the traditional format and put a unique green spin on it to ensure that you stay in customers’ minds but aren’t harming the environment when you advertise your ecotourism business.

This could mean making your posters out of cotton or other fabrics and sewing a message across them, instead of standard posters that use up lots of paper to produce. Similarly, you could adopt this green approach on a bigger scale and construct a billboard out of alternative, reusable and sustainable materials, or use a digital billboard instead.

Getting a business off the ground can be hard work, as well as reinvigorating a more established company too. Whatever the status of your ecotourism enterprise, try to advertise your ecotourism business with these tips to top the market by advertising in an environmentally aware way.