How to stay green when you’re expecting a baby

If you are soon to hear the pitter patter of little feet, you maybe thinking about ways you can continue to maintain your green lifestyle with a baby on board.

When you're supplies shopping

With the news of a baby on the way, you'll likely want to begin 'nesting' in preparation for the stork's visit.

Instead of buying everything brand new, see if there are any goods you can purchase second hand or if you have any friends with items they no longer need.

This way, water and other precious resources such as oil won't need to go into producing new products.

Apply this philosophy to your baby shower too, and ask for eco-friendly products or reusable items.

Washing baby's clothes

Babies often go through several changes of clothes per day- and then there's the nappies, if you decide to avoid disposables.

If you can, it is best to avoid using your washing machine unless you have a full load to do.

Another tip is to wash clothes in cold water, as this can save around 80 -90 per cent on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Cloth nappies are only a sustainable choice if they are washed and dried efficiently, according to the Department of Industry.

Try to hang clothes and cloth nappies on the line. Each load of washing that goes into the dryer creates around 3 kilograms of greenhouse gases.
Preparing for baby's arrival

You will want to make things as easy as possible when baby comes, so think about what you can organise ahead of time.

If you plan on breastfeeding, why not organise a good supply of stainless steel drink bottles before your due date. During this period you will need to keep your hydration levels up.

Another tip could be to leave some of your reusable shopping bags in the car. This way you won't forget them when you pop out to do the grocery shop.