How to upgrade your home’s eco credentials

These days it’s not hard to make a few changes in your home so that it’s more efficient and eco friendly. In fact, not only is it good for the environment, it’s quite a fashionable cause!

Here are some simple ways in which you can give your home’s eco credentials an upgrade, starting with the kitchen and the bathroom.

These tips should help to save on energy costs, be good for the environment, and serve as a good dinner party topic of conversation!

Your kitchen: an eco paradise

Often the heart of a home is its kitchen, so why not start there?

First, stock up on eco friendly products such as reusable coffee cups, sandwich bags and produce bags to help eco upgrade your snacks and your shopping.

To improve on the efficiency of your fridge or freezer, fill an empty space with scrunched up bits of newspaper – this really is a power saver!

As well as this, it can be great fun for the kids to create a compost pile in the garden from any leftover food scraps, such as fruit peels or unused vegetable stalks.

Be a washroom eco warrior

Bathrooms are another area where you can really make a difference with sustainable living.

Mould can be a problem for many homes, and usually the easiest option is to turn to harsh chemical cleaners to get rid of it.

However, there are other ways you can avoid the scourge of mould in your home! Ventilate your bathroom with open windows, exhaust vents or even a fan.

You can also put some plants in your bathroom which can help to reduce humidity and absorb some pollutants!

For your general bathroom cleaning, switch to non-harsh, organic cleaning products – even better, purchase organic soaps, cleansers and shampoos as well.

Installing a low-flow, eco friendly shower head can also help you to converse a huge amount of water every time you take a shower.