Ideas For Healthy Snacks For Summer

Feeling peckish? Here at Onya we’ve have been on the look out for some healthy snacks for you to pop in your reusable sandwich wrap or stainless steel drink bottle over the warm season. Here are some low fuss, low-fat options to much on over the summer whether you’re taking healthy snacks to work or chucking them in your child’s backpack when they head to school.

Frozen grapes 

These are wonderfully refreshing and healthy snacks as well as a great way to keep your fruit bowl interesting. Wash the grapes before freezing and allow them to dry fully before spreading them out on a plate or in a flat container. Make sure none of the fruit is touching before you put them in the freezer.

Freeze overnight, or for four to five hours at the least, although watch you don’t overdo it at the risk of losing some of that fresh natural flavour. Remove from the freezer and ta da!

Fruit kebabs

While we’re on the subject of fruit, sticking a skewer through some sweet pieces of sliced or diced fruit is another great way to make fruit fun.

Pick up some reusable plastic fruit skewers and layer up some of your favourite fruits like apple, orange, pineapple, banana and even watermelon. This is a great way to get a rainbow of fruit into your day and also makes for an amazing party snack or dessert. Don’t forget your produce bag when picking up all that fruit at the shops.

Juice ice cubes

Either use some 100 per cent freshly squeezed juice or make your own puree in a blender (much more fun!) and pour the mixture into an ice tray before letting it set in the freezer.

These are great to add to soda water for a fruity twist which is healthier than most syrups or cordials.

Tomato mozzarella skewers 

This combination is inspired by the classic Italian Caprese salad. Take cherry or grape tomatoes (which are a breeze to grow at home) and thread them onto a reusable skewer along with some fresh basil leaves and cubed, low-fat mozzarella.

Dress it up with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as well as a sprinkling of salt and pepper. These can work as wonderfully tasty, yet light lunchtime snacks or as an appetiser idea.

Fruity (non alcoholic) daiquiri 

Blend ice, and your choice of fruit together for a slushy, like cranberry with lime, watermelon or peach. A refreshing way to end the day or chill out over the weekend without the need to resort to artificially sweetened fizzy drinks.

Kale chips

Sometimes, things have to be tasted to be believed. Kale, usually known as a leafy veg often stuck in green smoothies also makes for a delicious, crunchy savoury snack. Take a nice big bag of kale and prep the leaves with olive oil and a light dusting of salt before spreading them out on a lined baking tray and sticking them in the oven.

Your oven should be around 160 – 175 degrees Celsius depending on the strength of your oven, and you can leave the kale inside until the edges begin to brown slightly without getting burnt. This usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

Allow the chips to cool before tasting the green goodness.

Fresh capsicum/cucumber/celery/carrots with hummus

This may seem like an obvious one, but its a good way to get some fresh veggies into your healthy snacks routine, especially if you aren’t planning on having a big leafy salad (although why wouldn’t you?). Hummus can be made at home with a range of simple recipes involving chickpeas, olive oil, garlic and some salt.

This delicious dip can be made with or without tahini, and recipes are widely available online. But before you go ingredient shopping make sure you ask around, as your friends or family might just have a cracker recipe which has been tried and tested.