Invest In Stainless Steel Bottles To Benefit Your Health And The Environment

A recent study conducted by the PLOS One Journal has discovered dangerous chemicals that could have adverse health effects can reside in plastic drink bottles.

Speculation has surrounded the safety of drinking water packaged in plastic drink bottles for some time, and we are often encouraged to buy new plastic bottles regularly to avoid increasing our risk of consuming harmful chemicals.

But after considering the study’s findings, it is possible we may not be safe unless we switch to reusable options such as stainless steel drink bottles.

The findings suggest that “anti-estrogens” and “anti-androgens” that can potentially disrupt hormone production and affect the reproductive system exist in the majority of plastic water bottle products tested.

If you don’t want to risk your health, it may be best to consider keeping plastic bottle use to a minimum, and only buying water in circumstances that cannot be avoided.

However, best practice is to invest in a couple of stainless steel drink bottles and carry one with you at all times. These are completely reusable and do not contain plastics that may be harmful to you or your family’s health.

In addition, stainless steel drink bottles have the advantage of being refillable, which could save you hundreds of dollars that may have been otherwise spent on bottled water. In fact, Clean Up Australia suggests that 90% of the price you pay for a plastic bottle of water is for the lid, bottle and label.

When you invest in stainless steel drink bottles it will also dramatically reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in the form of plastic bottles each year.

Reducing landfill is known to impact the environment positively, by decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by disposable plastics. It can also lower risk of animals ingesting plastic and getting hurt or killed by it, which currently occurs all too often.