Keep Yourself Moving This Winter With The Benefits Of Exercise

This time we’re talking about getting moving and the health benefits that brings.

We all know that exercise is good for us, but apart from breaking a sweat in the quest for perfect abs, what else can getting fit do for our health and wellbeing?

Whether you’re going for a run or getting down in dance class, one of the key benefits actually has nothing to do with your physique. Your brain releases endorphins during exercise which can help with stress relief, as well as improving your mood, according to the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).

Another sweet thing about exercise, is that it can also help you to live longer. Regular exercise is linked to preventing heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as diabetes and stroke, says the HSPH.

If that wasn’t enough, it appears that your workout could actually boost your energy levels in the long run. As noted by Mayo Clinic, this is because exercise can train our muscles and organs to work more efficiently, meaning that we need less energy to get things done.

Mind blown? Experts can’t advocate the benefits of being active enough, so grab one of our stainless steel drink bottles to stay hydrated and get moving.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, we’ll see you next time!