Keeping your kids hydrated on the soccer field

This Saturday, kids from all across Australia will be pulling on their soccer boots and heading down to the local park to enjoy some physical activity and friendly competition.

For parents, this means cutting up some oranges, rugging up warm and cheering from the sidelines, all the while trying not to think about your nice warm bed and the potential sleep-in that is being squandered!

One of the trickiest parts of winter sport is making sure that kids stay hydrated and healthy on the field. After all, when the weather is cold it can be easy to forget the importance of drinking plenty of water to refuel your body.

However, it's important to remember that your kid's bodies crave water all year round – even when the temperatures drop – and it's your job to make sure they are taking in enough liquid throughout the day.

Rather than buying a disposable water bottle from the shop – or worse yet, an energy drink – why not fill up a stainless steel drink bottle before you head down to the soccer field. That way, your kid will be able to guzzle down a drink anytime they feel thirsty.

Some drink bottles have the potential of leaching potentially harmful bisphenol A (BPA) into the water, so these should be avoided. BPA free water bottles are a fantastic alternative that are healthy for everyone to use.

In order to encourage your kids to drink enough water, it's a good idea to get them a bottle that is in their favourite colour. You could perhaps even encourage them to decorate it with stickers.

It's all about making drinking water fun and easy, in order to ensure that their bodies are getting the fuel that they need whilst at the same time encouraging healthy habits for the future.