Let’s Hear It For Top-Notch Coffee

If a morning brew is what you need to get your day into action, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Australian International Coffee Awards has drawn a record-breaking number of top-notch entries from destinations far and wide.

Whether you like espresso, filter or milk-based coffee in your reusable coffee cup, every caffeine-addict will be catered for as a spread of 800 entries from 167 roasters in New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, as well as Aussie locals, are vying for recognition.

The Australian International Coffee Awards, conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, is the first international coffee awards to be held in Australia, and is now in its second year.

Competition will be tough, with the best entries being selected by a panel of 34 Australian coffee experts and director of the Hong Kong Coffee Academy, Chester Tam, in Melbourne.

However, once the winners are finally announced in May as part of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, Australian coffee-addicts will have a whole selection of hand-picked, premium coffee roastings to pick from.

If you feel like something a little different for your morning cuppa but don’t quite know where to start, with the wide selection on the shelves a little daunting, a place​-getter that’s wowed the judges would be a good choice.

Grab a bag of beans and fire up your coffee machine at home, or sniff out which local cafes might offer these acclaimed brands. Whichever option you choose, remember to sip your velvety drink from a reusable coffee cup to avoid contributing to the large amount of waste caused by single use coffee cups in Australia.

Premium, award-winning top-notch coffee combined with eco friendly gift to the environment for your early morning start to the day? Sounds like a winning combination to us!