Luxury Living That’s ‘Off The Grid’

If someone mentions the phrase ‘off-the-grid living’ in casual conversation, it’s more likely you’ll imagine an Amish-style cabin with little facilities – not a luxurious home.

However, Australian architect Sam Zaher has created what could possibly be the most gorgeous eco friendly ‘off the grid’ dwelling you’ll ever see. Looking to go completely ‘clean and green’ but don’t want to sacrifice a comfortable lifestyle? A design like this could be just what you’re looking for!

The ‘off the grid’ home is situated in Coorabell, and is perched atop a hill overlooking gorgeous Byron Bay. Looking at it, you wouldn’t believe it’s a sustainable residence – the modern wooden floors, open plan living and stylish furniture look like something from a show home, which is perhaps why the Grand Designs magazine chose it to grace the cover of their publication.

Not to mention, the expansive kitchen looks incredibly inviting to prepare goodies to fill your reusable sandwich wrap in!

Elegance and style are not the only features of this house. To make it sustainable, the home features a solar power energy system, collects rainwater for use in the home and to create drinking water, and a black and grey waste water system.

It also boasts double glazing to reduce heat loss and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

This beautiful home isn’t the only sustainable residence in Australia. The trend appears to be catching on, with plenty of businesses offering eco friendly homes available to be built from scratch, such as Eco System Homes and Living Green Designer Homes.

According to the Australian Government, you can create a more sustainable way of living through using materials such as mud brick and straw bales to build your home, as well as planting green, ‘living’ walls.

Plus, you can begin to be sustainable in your existing home by purchasing eco friendly products and taking eco friendly actions, such as saving water.