Wow. People that know me would tell you that I would rather roll myself in boiling tar than write a blog. I’ve long resisted and the world has been no worse for it, so why should I?

Well, what with this new website and all, him indoors and I got talking…

What on earth would we blog about? We’re quite definite that we don’t want to bang on about Onya products – you’re here already so we’ll leave you to browse the site and make your own mind up on that one ( feel free to ask questions by phone, email or facebook here though!)

What we are both passionate about, at the end of the day, is people and the information we can all share to improve our lives and world. Not the highfalutin, totally techy kind of stuff – we’ll leave that to the many fabulous experts. The kind of stuff we want to share here is easy, family friendly, quirky, practical and just a little bit green.

To give you an idea of where we’re coming from, here is one of the most popular photos we ever shared on the Onya facebook page.


See? It’s not rocket science or particularly earth shattering – but it just makes sense and ANYONE can do this. I like this kinda stuff!

I’d love to mix these ideas with meeting you  (I used to be a Psychiatric Nurse before I became a bag lady. I like people of all shapes, sizes and flavours… and we ALL have a story… and I’m incredibly nosey)

We miss working at our Onya stall at Freo Markets.

Being holed up in a warehouse means we don’t get the gossip from our customers anymore. Sure we chat a bit on the phone, but it’s just not the same.

People used to tell us about themselves, their travels, their kids, their ideals, their lunch, their dreams, their dog, their day…anything and everything really.

Sometimes they’d buy something!  (Thanks. We’re still here because of those ones )

 Jon and Danica at Freo Markets showing a Freo Herald photographer some marvellous reusable bags.

So, who are you? Really?

How’d you come across Onya?

Where are you from?

What did you have for lunch?

What inspires you?

Do you have a great, green tip to share?

What are you reading right now?

What’s the best thing you ever made?

Pets?  Kids? Hopes?  Dreams?

Best place you ever visited?

…some, none or all of the above would be great to know. Let’s all get to know each other a bit. Come on! Why not?


Fair’s fair though. Here’s a little bit about us…


Onya comprises 3 people



 Maiden voyage of the Kaholo 14′. Happy Jon.


  • Inventor of the Original Onya Bag
  • Dad (dances like one too)
  • Raised in a commune in the UK, so eats VERY quickly.
  • Avid Tottenham Hotspur and Freo Dockers fan.
  • Often disappointed – see previous.
  • Mad keen beach volleyballer and Stand Up Paddle Boarder
  • Currently reading: endless blogs on SUP’s.
  • Just made his own Kaholo 14’ SUP.
  • Relentless thinker.
  • Hates Scrabble and sultanas.



 Mammagreena gets into a fine Shiraz


  • Partner to the above.
  • Ex psychiatric nurse, still passionate about mental health
  • Mum of little ones – Poppy and Archie.
  • Has part share in a fabulous teen called Olly. We fight over hair wax. He wins.
  • Avid reader and scrabble hound with occasional bursts of yoga.
  • Favourite activities – tickling my children, camping ‘down south’ WA , drinking a fine shiraz, making and eating Southern Indian food. Gently showing my kids ways to respect people and planet whilst having HEAPS OF FUN!
  • Currently reading; (Me)Raising Girls by Gabriella Preschott. (To Kids) The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl and The Big, Big, Big Book of Tashi by Anna Fienberg.
It’s not easy raising superheroes and fairies y’know.


How cool is our super teen?









 The best book EVER for 5-7 year olds!



 She’s our Red Carpet Girl

  • Mum to 3 strapping lads.
  • Loves online scrabble (plays with Trish and countless others)
  • Always on a weird diet (which Jon and Trish never quite understand so are possibly not as supportive as they could be )
  • Doesn’t need to be on a weird diet. Is bloody gorgeous ( refer photo)
  • Dabbles in SSB
  • Into long weekends away with girlfriends and regular evening walks.
  • Caring so well for her boys that it’s possible they may NEVER MOVE OUT!
  • Currently reading – heaps of magazines and newspapers and doing all the crosswords.
  • Loved dearly by Jon and Trish.



So come on! If you’re up for it, send your missive in an email to . No surnames or contact details will be printed ( unless you’d like us to), but I’d love it if you’d provide a photo or two along with your text for publishing here on the blog.

If you are a community organisation,  small to medium sized business or have a blog, I’m happy to publish those details/ links if you tell us a little bit about it, AND YOU! You can recommend great blogs/ businesses and websites too but remember the Three R’s – keep it Relevant, Real and Relaxed. No hard selling here. Onya customers are too smart for that. It’s the people we’re interested in!

Great efforts deserve great reward, so we’ll be happy to send an Onya goodie your way for your time and revelations.

Can’t say fairer than that can I?

See you next time,