Here’s why we need to ditch single-use plastic bags

The truth about single-use plastic and its impmact

It's no secret that many Australians, and indeed people around the world, make use of single-use plastic bags all too often. From packing them with groceries at the supermarket to being given them at retail and clothing stores, they are prevalent throughout society. While some malls and states have taken measures to ban them or reduce their usage, and this has helped, they're definitely still being used frequently and in large volumes. 

Having said this, there is plenty of hope, as many people across the globe are waking up to the harmful effects of single-use plastic, and are searching for alternatives to help them make more sustainable choices. That's where you and your company come in. With the practices and promotional products you choose to make use of, you're making a statement about what you believe in and represent as an organisation – so why not choose eco friendly promotional products

According to Clean Up Australia, Australians use almost 4 billion plastic bags each year, with around 20,700 tonnes of plastic from these disposed of in landfill annually. What's more, millions of bags don't even make it to landfill, polluting water ways and parts of the environment that damage wildlife, flora and fauna. Plastic bags can take anywhere up to 1,000 years to break down, giving them a lifetime of wreaking havoc upon the environment, especially when you consider how easily plastic bags can float in water and on the wind, spreading them far and wide. 

How you can help and be the solution 

You can be a part of helping solve this problem by choosing to use eco friendly products, such as reusable shopping bags and sandwich wraps, to represent your brand at events or in giveaways. More companies are turning to these environmentally conscious alternatives that can take their name out there and into the public domain, while also showing their brand as responsible, forward thinking and ethical.

Choosing to use products that are better for the environment also doesn't have to mean you sacrifice on style or function, either. With Onya Innovations' products, you're able to choose the logo you adorn the product with, so you can accurately represent your brand. In addition to this, you can choose the colour of the item, so all aspects of the item flow seamlessly.

Onya's reusable products aren't flimsy or easily damaged, either. They're made from high quality, durable materials, so they can put up with a lot of rough and tumble and your logo, woven onto a stylish and reliable label, won't be compromised. Why settle for items that are going to fall apart when you can have something that's both a positive influence on the planet – and reliable in terms of its robustness and strength? Essentially, Onya Innovations' reusable and eco friendly products tick all the boxes.

Your company or brand doesn't have to contribute to the millions of single-use plastic bags that are polluting the Earth and using up precious resources in the process of their production. The creation of around 8.7 single-use plastic bags uses up enough petroleum to drive a car a kilometre, and just think how many are being made and used each day – wholly unnecessarily. 

Rather than ignoring or contributing to the problem, you can be a part of the solution. It's not difficult to make small changes such as switching to eco friendly alternatives one at a time. Step by step, your company can contribute to creating a healthier world that relies less on throwaway, disposable products, and more that focuses more on treasuring what we do have right in front of us.