Mammagreena bakes with her own Two Hands.

Two tip top events this last week.

My smallest sprout and I did a filmed beach clean-up with the awesomely smart and talented Liz Sideris  from Container Savers and Paul Sharp, founder of the Two Hands Project.

I also made a fruit cake from a 600ml Coffee Chill, 2 cups of flour and a kilo of mixed fruit. Really. It was bloomin’ delicious. Recipe in a bit.  But first, the  beach clean up…



Liz Sideris is this super lovely, local woman who makes films. She digitally documents stories and assists community projects to tell their tale. She does the good stuff.

Her business is called Storyfire and you can learn more about that  here.

Archie and I met her down at Leighton Beach just north of Freo, raring to pick up as much plastic rubbish as we could, alongside the mild mannered, supremely smart, yet still amazingly human, Paul Sharp from The Two Hands Project.

Paul Sharp. Archie’s new superhero.

If you’re not up on what the Two Hands Project is, I’ll give you the ‘in a nutshell’ version.

Two Hands – you can find them

Half an hour – you can find it.

Clean up your world, anywhere, anytime – you can do it. Really, you can.

The big version is here.

We set off along the beach path with camera and sound people and a great lass called Kylie – another fully primed plastic picker.


And We’re Off!


Ah… Onya Bags. Perfect for a clean up 🙂

IMMEDIATELY, Archie was off like a ferret up a trouser leg, dodging under fences to retrieve cans and bottles. Paul gently reminded him about the importance of maintaining the integrity of the dune and it’s vegetation. He listened! ( Note to self. Grow beard.) No more nipping under fences little sprout.

Kylie began to score. Straws and Chupa Chup lolly sticks aplenty. Paul got a barnacled detergent bottle replete with Arabic abjad… it had travelled some – as pesky, pollutin’ plastic does.

Work That Plastic for the camera Kylie!

Archie took every find to Paul for his learned opinion. Paul is a walking, talking plastic identification MACHINE. He is also fabulous with 4 year old boys. From plastic coated detonator wires to tiny plastic nurdles (the minute plastic building blocks from which big plastic stuff hails), he named it all.

Top fact learned: whilst you will find all sorts of cheap plastic toys on a beach, rarely will you find Lego. Lego has currency in Toy Town. If a kid sees it, they pick it up and take it home. (Rarely would any parent let a child out of the house with a bit anyway. You’d be nuts. Or filthy rich.)

At close of business, we emptied our Onyas and combined our plastic stash.

Eight Hands, 30 Minutes, Leighton Beach, WA

Rope, bags, straws, nurdles, bottles, cans, plastic toys, lolly sticks, bottle lids, string, a fluorescent light tube, a sanitary towel ( sisters… come ON), forks, spoons, you name it…

Imagine if you took a half hour what you could remove from your beach or riverbank?  Go on. Go forth and fossick.

As Archie says, “if plastic rubbish goes into the ocean, all the sea creatures will die”.

That’s the simplified 4 year old version – but you catch my drift don’t you?


Now, back to Liz. She’s not only the whizz behind Storyfire. She is also creator of Container Savers

What’s not to like about a Container Deposit Scheme?

It’s  a wicked app that awards you excellent prizes for spotting discarded drink containers in your community. Trust me, you won’t have to look far.

Take a photo of said bottle or can in situ and upload it to the Container Savers map via the app ( it’s easy). Then pop the offending item into your nearest recycling bin. The more photos you upload, the more chance you have of winning a prize. Come on, get that smartypants phone out of your pocket and download! It’s free darn it! Let’s show those Cokey, Shweppey, Nestle people exactly what they’re part of.

And the point, of course, IS… WA needs a Container Deposit Scheme. There’s drink containers blinkin’ everywhere. You’d find it much harder to win a prize in South Australia who’ve been offering refunds for years. Even the Northern Territory got on board this January and you know how thirsty Territorians are meant to be… I’m going to train Archie to become a professional bottle collector and move North. We’d be rich I tell ya.

Interestingly, the lowest count for plastics of beaches surveyed (by CSIRO) in Australia so far, was in South Australia. Is this a result of its geographical position or the community’s support for a container deposit scheme?

10c recycling refunds do make a big difference – in WA only about 20% of our drink containers get recycled but in SA with a 10c deposit they recycle 85%. Go figure.


Nuff Said


In light of this travesty ( and because I love a tangent) , you’ll need cheering up.

Here is THE most ridiculous, but BRILLIANT fruit cake recipe EVER. ( Thanks to my ever frugal, but delightful pal Zoe for this one)

If you are crap in the kitchen and love fruitcake, this is an easy, sure-fire mouthgasm.

( you can adapt this to be super vegan-tastic with soy milk if you like).

Sheer Magnificence.


Here’s The What

1kg mixed dried fruit

600ml coffee chill ( I just used soy milk)

2 cups SR flour.

Here’s The How

  1. Soak fruit in chosen milk overnight.
  2. Stir in flour
  3. bake in oven at 160 º C for 1 ½ hours in lined 20cms (ish) square tin.
  4. BINGO!!!!! If you’re not as delighted as I was, I’ll give you your money back.


(I covered it up with foil after 45 minutes to stop the top going black, but I do have the worst, most useless oven in WA.)

Don’t expect it to rise much, but do expect it to be juicy and yummy and last in an airtight container for a week at least. It’s good for freezing too. Kids love it.

It will also give you the required energy to get down to your nearest body of water and get a-plastic pickin’

See you next time,