Top tips to go green for summer

Summer is upon us, which means many Aussies will be relishing the chance to head out and enjoy the beautiful resources the country has to offer.

This may inspire you to better care for the environment and there are a few tips and tricks you can take home with you.

Grow your own

One simple tip could be to start a veggie patch. This means less energy and water will be wasted in the process of transporting supermarket produce for you across the country.

Plus, you can carry and store the fruits of your labour inside in reusable produce bags so you know you are not sending plastics unnecessarily to landfill.

There will always be certain items you cannot grow yourself, so try to buy these from local growers if possible. This means they have been grown close by, so fewer greenhouse gas emissions will have been generated from its journey from the farm to your table.

Reuse and recycle if possible

Rather than throwing things in the bin, it is better to recycle them. This reduces your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint.

Even clothes can be recycled. You could choose to send them to an op shop or see if you know anyone who could use them. Alternatively, you could make cleaning rags out of pre-worn items – repurposing them saves useful items from being sent to landfill.

Use eco-friendly products

Try switching out chemical concoctions for more natural alternatives. For example, vinegar makes a great window cleaner and is more environmentally friendly than commercial products.

Some people also use apple cider vinegar in place of shampoo as they claim this cleans just as well without the harsh chemicals.

Plus, you can choose to reuse the container, saving any waste from going to landfill in future.

Another tip is to be careful with the types of containers and bags you use – avoid disposable plastic ones and use reusable shopping bags instead.