Planet Eumundi Founder’s Run Down On Onya Products

Linda Delanoue, founder of Planet Eumundi, spoke to us about being a supplier for Onya’s eco-friendly products and explains why she can’t speak more highly of the range of reusable bags and drink bottles.

Mrs Delanoue’s stall in the Eumundi markets was set up with the dream of helping to save the planet. Onya products contribute to this goal  by reducing the amount of plastic bags and bottles in the environment.

She says the Planet Eumundi stall addresses a huge problem that can be daunting to many people, and that the answer to saving the planet lies in starting with your hometown.

“Mine is Eumundi. A beautiful town that is picturesque and lush, No high rises or traffic lights and many original buildings from long ago. And I want it to stay that way,” she said.

Mrs Delanoue was approached to sell Onya products at the markets and said a demonstration by Jon impressed her so much she jumped on board. She has been further impressed by the friendliness and caring nature of the Onya team who are “always available to listen to all your problems and ideas”.

Why Onya?

“Tourists and locals alike are concerned about the future of our planet and the plastic overload, and I do love having some unique, useful, sustainable and attractive alternatives to offer them.”

Mrs Delanoue expressed concern about the myths surrounding plastic bags and tells  customers the plastic bags they used before they made the switch to reusable products may still exist in landfill, the ocean or may have even ended up inside the belly of a bird, animal or fish.

“I am proud to be promoting and selling such environmentally sound products. My returning customers also proudly tell me that they feel so good when they say NO to the plastic bag being offered to them. Also those who have received them as gifts are happy to be a “bit greener” in their day-to-day lives,” she said.

Mrs Delanoue has been part of the Onya family since the beginning. She adds that she has never seen any other bag that comes close to the features the range includes in the nine years she has been selling the products.

A standout feature, she says, is the carabiner that means you are never left without one of these bags. It makes it easier to ensure you’ve always got one on you, rather than running the risk of leaving them in your car or at home!

What stands out?

She says the original reusable bag still takes pride of place in her stand, and is the best for replacing any plastic bags you might otherwise use. This is a firm favourite at the market and customers love how it is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Another bag making waves in Eumundi is the Onya Back, which is popular with tourists as they weigh very little but can still hold a great load  of weight.

She also recommends the Onya side bag for travelling and notes it is great as a baby, courier or beach bag. The produce bags are also growing in popularity and can be used in place of plastic in the supermarket’s fruit and veggie aisles.

The Planet Eumundi stall also stocks reusable sandwich wrap and stainless steel drink bottles that are particularly handy in hot climates such as Queensland.

If you’re in Eumundi, check out the stall at the weekend market. Like the rest of the Onya team, Ms Delanoue is happy to lend her friendly assistance to customers.