Product Spotlight – Onya Sandwich Wraps

Ah, the good old fashioned sandwich. It comes in many forms, from a baguette, to wraps and paninis, even the not-so-clear “open sandwich”. In any of its many guises, the humble sandwich has been saving the day for school kids and work lunches for many years.

The word sandwich, so easily misspelled and pronounced differently around the world was recently celebrated throughout British Sandwich Week. We know the daily drill can get a little tedious, so here’s a little inspiration for you.

Fun fact: did you know that the word ‘sandwich’ is believed to be the namesake of the fourth Earl of Sandwich, in Kent, England? Various reports have the origin of the packed lunch staple as the doing of Earl John Montagu in the 1700s. However, interestingly enough, due to the way that English titles work, the bready dish we know today actually has little, if anything to do with the town of Sandwich.

Apparently, John Montagu was loath to interrupt his time at the gambling tables, and ordered for some meat in between pieces of bread to be brought as a snack. Whether this story has any beef to it, is still uncertain, but it appears that soon everyone was wanting a “sandwich,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

Nowadays, you can find sandwiches in most cafes and bistros as a wonderfully convenient midday meal. But if you’ve been trying to keep an eye on your spending, you’ll probably be preparing your chosen sandwich at home.

Unfortunately, once you’ve constructed your triple-decker salad and roast beef masterpiece (cough, ham and cheese, cough), in order to make it easy to put in your kids’ school bag or take to work with you, you’ll need it to be packaged up.

Usually this involves some nasty plastic wrap, which, let’s face it, is not only difficult to tear off, it’s also awful for the environment. Fear not! Your sandwiches will be safe with the Onya Sandwich Wraps. Made from easy-to-clean, food safe materials, our sandwich wraps are reusable, so make sure you and your family bring them home!