Product Spotlight: Onya Weigh Produce Bags

For this month’s product spotlight, we’re going to have a look at something which is small in size, but hugely important in reducing unnecessary waste.

We know that eating a diet rich in a range of fruit and vegetables is key to leading a healthy lifestyle, but there’s a definite downside if it involves using disposable plastic bags on your weekly shop. Not only are these plastic produce bags flimsy and breakable, they also are rarely good for multiple use, meaning that ultimately, they will end up in landfill.

Here at Onya, we know that while many people want to make positive environmental changes in their daily lives, it can also be difficult to balance this good intent with a busy lifestyle.

This is why we’ve made it easy for you to have your vegetables and eat them too, with the Onya Weigh produce bag. Don’t forget to read to the end for our cracker discount deal on this great product!

Good things come in small packages 

Our lightest weight product, the Onya Weigh barely feels like you’re taking anything extra on your grocery shopping run. They come in a compact carry pouch which clips onto your keyring, meaning that you won’t ever leave your produce bags behind again. Additionally, their small size makes them far less cumbersome than other reusable shopping bags which you’d struggle to fit into a back pocket.

Each of the Onya Weigh bags is made with lightweight, yet strong tulle fabric, which is gentle on your delicate fresh fruit and veg. Using tulle is the logical choice for our produce bags as it doesn’t weigh anything on the scales, and is also see-through, so shop assistants won’t have to unpack all your food at the checkout to see what’s inside.

Friendly to fruit and veg 

Our Onya Weigh bags allow you to shop to your heart’s desire, being slightly larger than regular disposable produce bags, as well as being capable of easily handling two kilograms of whatever takes your fancy.

As each handy pouch contains either five or eight bags, you’ll have plenty of room to store all those fruit and vegetables separately. This is a good idea, as according to the Washington State University, fruits such as apples and pears are known to produce what has been dubbed the ripening hormone, or ethylene gas, which causes other produce around the fruit to age and ripen.

By keeping your fruit and veg separate, you may save yourself from losing valuable produce before you get the chance to eat it.

Tender love and care

Don’t suffocate your vegetables – they need to breathe! Professor of food science, Barry Swanson, told the Washington Post that using an airtight plastic bag is actually a terrible idea for storing your veg. By giving them room to breathe with space for good air circulation, you’ll actually be helping your potatoes and carrots and sprouts to stay fresher for longer.

Another way fabric produce bags trump plastic, is that you can actually use them as a colander to wash your fruit and veg while they are in the bag. Crazy!

Once your fruit and veg are squeaky clean after their wash, you can suspend them in their Onya Weigh bag to allow for that good air circulation we talked about and prevent bruising.

Don’t forget, until the end of April we have a fantastic promotion running where you can get 15% off our large Onya Weigh produce bags when you type in the code ‘GOLARGE’ at our online check out.

We’re all about creative solutions here at Onya – your can use your Onya Weigh Produce Bags for anything from loose grains to trail mix and fresh bread… it’s totally up to you!